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by Jake Robinson on May 29, 2013

Out of town until late last night… ┬áJake & The Engineer will record the podcast this evening (Wed May 29th) and publish late tonight (could be after midnight) – sorry for the delay!

Jake & The Engineer

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Robert Martinez May 30, 2013 at 5:03 pm

Greetings, gentlefolk. I recently happened across your podcastings in the dark, and I find myself enjoying them quite a bit. I am still trying to like Revolution itself, and it’s getting easier as time goes by. It helps that the focus shifted from Charlie to more adult characters (wah-wah you’ve got to help me you’re my uncle; wah-wah everybody leaves me, etc). The “science” is not terribly consistent, but TV writers generally won’t let facts get in the way of telling their stories. David Lyons (of the late-but-not-lamented “The Cape”) puts a lot into his character here. And Charlie Swan (er, I mean Miles Matheson) puts up a good boy-do-I-need-to-make-up-for-my-messed-up-life. Rachel Matheson is a very interesting brilliant scientist who borders on just plain creepy. I was a big fan of Fringe (JJ Abrams) and I still enjoy Supernatural (Kripke), so it’s a little unfortunate to see this show struggle to figure out what it wants to be. I’m enjoying the aspects of the show you tend to discuss (other podcasts tend to center on the soap-operaish parts), and your tangents are themselves pretty interesting. So here’s my take on the nanites: there are quadrillions of them all over the planet, and together they have formed a self-aware neural net that likes things the way they are, and will have something to say about turning the power back on. I’m probably all wet about that, but it’s fun to speculate about. Anyway, keep up the good work, and let’s hope the show lives up to its potential.


Jake Robinson May 30, 2013 at 9:17 pm

All accurate comments about the show. I too, agree the show has a hard time finding it’s identity. Maybe the Season Finale and next season will give it time to mature. As for the Nanites, who knows, anything is possible – I don’t see why the little Christmas tree light – capsules have to stop working if the nanites do. I can see how the nanites, if disrupted could possibly ignite and since they are everywhere they could burn up the atmosphere or a good percentage of it. Don’t think the writers will let the world blow up and end the show, though. Great comments and hope to see you back here on the boards and if you’re brave, use our voicemail app on our site and leave a voice message that we can playback during a future show! (you’d be the first – don’t know why folks are adverse to that)




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