023 Revolution FanCast – “The Dark Tower” Season Finale

by Jake Robinson on June 5, 2013

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Episode 23 – The Dark Tower

We pick up where we left off – Miles & Bass pointing coil guns at each other.

Politics makes strange war-fellows.

Subterranean River – “You first prick.”

Nora manages to stay put while Miles & Bass find themselves on the “beach.”

Randall busts up “George W” to retrieve a hidden pass card.

Dan: “Your friends are gone – you’re our guest but you’re dead if you try for level 12.”

Neville keeps Franklin waiting.  Neville pretends he is above the ruthless nature of Monroe.  Even more devious by staging a fake assault by Major Franklin.

The “More Elegant Way to Shoot Someone in the Face” tactic compliments of Neville

Monroe waits for Miles to wake up to start beating the crap out of him.

Militia takes shot at both… Then takes another shot at Bass when he announces who he is… oops!

Flashback 10 years after the blackout – reminiscing then bomb hits.

Meanwhile, Aaron is snooping around in the code and discovers his code is what he wrote at MIT.   University sold his code to DoD.  It is the tower’s operating system.

Neville decides to blast the blast doors.  Jason “Sorry sir, but my head is spinning at how fast your switch sides.”

Next, Neville’s speech has no compelling reason for Jason to abide, except maybe to guarantee Charlie & Rachel’s safety.

Meanwhile, Rachel tries to guilt trip Grace into going along with level 12 breach.

Denied.  Grace rejects the offer – then puts Grace to sleep and takes her pass code.

Flashback 10 years after blackout – Miles wakes up to Bass & Nora – Monroe shows his first ruthless act – killed his wife and kids and draped the US flag over the coffin to make an example

Is this when Monroe first crossed the maniacal line?

Meanwhile, Aaron explains his backdoor to Rachel but Charlie doesn’t get it. Determines it was accessed on purpose to launch nanites.

Bass open tackles Miles and continues fisticuffs.  Miles walks away and then they have a heart-to-heart about Miles assassination attempt – copter shows up trying to kill Bass, they split up and Bass gets a solid in the chin from militia thug.

Nora confronts Rachel about her and Miles but suggests Miles will choose her every time.

Neville has worse-for-wear Monroe and explains there has been a change in management.

Neville is great at going from a smile to a scowl in an instant.

Blasted door reveals an opening.

Neville, “Sir, I could never say this under your employ, but you have become foolish and deranged and you have a borderline erotic fixation on Miles Matheson”

Neville: “Can’t just shoot people in the face.”

Jason fetches Neville to the opening to the Tower.

Team Charlie set a trap for Dan & Company but they discover it…Nora pulls out a hat trick and sets off the trip wire with a bowling fire extinguisher.  The irony.

Bowling with Fire Extingiushers

Nora is mortally wounded.  Why doesn’t Rachel do the noble thing and dig the Christmas Tree Capsule out of her knee to save Nora’s life?

Miles shows up in Monroe’s tent and cuts his rope… “You’re asking the wrong question, bass, ask me why I couldn’t… we’re still brothers” then, “Run Bass, – Monroe’s escaping!”

Was it his last noble deed or just using Bass for distraction?

Grace wakes up and stumbles into “Don’t I know you?” from Neville.

Sophie’s choice – Rachel always choose mission over family.  Nora doesn’t help.

Charlie – “Danny’s dead, mom but I’m here.”

Charlie comes under attack – Miles stabs militia.

Miles won’t leave Nora.

Miles’ realization – Nora didn’t make it…


Nora’s Last Kiss

Miles and Charlie attempt to get Nora to infirmary but she dies in his arms.

Neville bumps into Rachel and Aaron – “Yeah, because you’re so honest.”

Miles interrupts and buys time to get into the control room.

Hex dumps and why this bothered the Engineer.

The biggest return on any keyboard.

Just do it Aaron… devil on her shoulder.

Lights come back on – Foster doesn’t waste any time.

Monroe in a lighting storm.

Randall access main control room and damages entry with weapon.

Oh Crap – Randall’s Patriot Misslle

Portly friend.

“When you burn down the old, new things grow.”

The east coast is wide open.

Randall: “I’m a Patriot, Rachel” – then he blew his brains out… why?

“Sir, Randall Flynn did it… Mr. President, its time to go home.”

Really? After 15 years in waiting POTUS is still wearing a 3 piece suit?

American Colony – Gitmo

Then we take it home with a wide ranging discussion on real world issues arising from the plot line to whether we will even continue the podcast next season.  We would like to hear your input and what you think should happen…




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Todd June 12, 2013 at 11:42 pm

Nobody seems to be picking up on all the hints that Rachel caused the blackout. She did it to save Danny’s life – we already know that the proliferation of nanites was keeping him alive. In “The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia” she alludes to Dr. Warren that she has done horrible things to keep Danny alive and killed “too many people”. In a flashback in “Children of Men” she has a suicidal breakdown about over it (although she does not tell Ben the whole truth). And in this episode she hushes up Aaron when he starts to explain how someone used his backdoor to purposely cause the blackout. It was Rachel – crazy-ass Rachel!!!


Jake Robinson June 13, 2013 at 5:17 am

Wow! Can’t believe we didn’t pick up on that also… You have connected the dots and this is a very strong hypothesis. I think you may be right. Guess we may find out in the second season. Thanks for highlighting this (now) obvious angle! Thanks for your comment and hope to hear more from you!




miriam August 17, 2013 at 3:40 pm

i really didn’t want Nora to die….could her comeback be done in season two team #NORA


Jake Robinson August 18, 2013 at 3:40 am

Yeah, Hollywood is good at coming up with explanations… at least she wasn’t buried like Danny so there is a possibility that one of the “Mole people” injected her with the Christmas light that Danny had in him… or maybe they did some miracle operation and we learn about it later! It was kinda tough to see her go – anyone fighting for the good ole USA and has a tat to prove it!

Thanks for writing in and come back again.




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