020 – Revolution FanCast – “The Longest Day”

by Jake Robinson on May 15, 2013

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The Longest Day

Show Notes:

Episode 20 – The Longest Day 

Opens with Militia and a cup of coffee and a Drone Command Center 

Nora has next-morning-after remorse 

“You owe me an apology, boah”  Neville to Jason – Power play with pistol 

Go ahead Boy, kill the ole man












Jason splits and Charlie identifies 

Meanwhile, Rachel and Aaron and One Horse around the campfire 

Ben chose Aaron to give pendant to 

After Aaron proves he will not abandon Rachel she reveals the 1st Generation Nanotech Christmas tree light 

Did the Capsule “Jump the Shark?”

Charlie & Jason hear drone at the north lookout location – Charlie rings bell 

FLASHBACK:  7 years after blackout – This picks up where we see Rachel part company with Ben, Charlie & Danny – She says both Ben and her can turn power back on.  “She’s been thinking about a lot of things” (Implies she would rather be with Miles) 

Meanwhile, back at the suburban electronics store, Aaron is using the “book of spells” to cobble together a capsule-mother board.  We learn the capsule to be programmed to stitch bone, re-grow skin or can “cook us from the inside out or ignite the air” 

Drone Strike takes 90% of their camp – leaves Charlie under collapsed tower 

Neville wonders how they knew, Miles speculates a traitor 

Miles orders river-evac for anyone walking.  

Miles decides to go after Charlie, Nora goes, and then Neville throws in… 

Neville:  “His mother will never forgive me” – is this the real reason or does he somehow care about son?” 

Charlie comes to under pile of rubble 

Back at Militia headquarters – Jeremy is giving Monroe a pep talk and invite for a drink.  “I’m one of your oldest friends” means I am about to die… 

Sniper fire and Jeremy never took cover. Monroe notices 

Aaron fires up Mac and starts writing program.  Compiles and executes program using lots of “Hot_plug” commands 

Inserts capsule – Rachel does a good job of portraying pain… 

The growth is complete

Capsule re-growing bone

Bone grows back together.  I thought it would take longer 

Hunter/Gatherers come in just in time to witness the “miracle” and take Aaron & Rachel by gunpoint 

Meanwhile, Miles & company rescue Jason – Neville decides to get Jason out himself to allow Miles & Nora time to search for Charlie 

FLASHBACK 2:  Miles with search team at Rachel’s family cabin looking for Ben.  “You think we haven’t heard the stories – The Butcher of Baltimore” – Miles “That’s not what  you used to think of me.”  Rachel, “We had a cheap & ugly fling and not a day goes by I don’t regret it”  Miles acts more like Monroe acts now. 

Hunter/Gatherers demand their “healing powers” to his son.  Rachel agrees to help. 

Meanwhile,Monroe pours a drink… the Decanter of Death… spins his web to eliminate another “traitor” in the ranks.” Jeremy at least sees it coming and “tells the truth” for which Monroe thanks him and we think he is first to “dodge a bullet.”  Think about the order he must of given to the four guards to wait until he left the room.

Farewell Jeremy, you were a loyal friend & soldier


Do you buy that Jeremy hung around cuz he was hoping to build a better world? 

Miles & Nora start firefight – insurmountable odds. 

Charlie manages to squirm out of hidey-hole – pushes a piece of wall at least 110 lbs with almost no effort

Is Charlie strong enough?

Neville, “I don’t care if you’re the devil himself, that’s where I draw the line” 

Meanwhile, back at Best Buy, Aaron & Hunter start discussing Michael Creighton when Rachel clocks him with something.  Aaron & Rachel argue about her intent.  “What makes you think I’m in it to help people?”  “If you want to stay here I’ll leave you here” 

Meanwhile, the Longest Firefight.   Meanwhile, Neville gets caught by three-man militia party. Neville dispatches them handily with his pistol – gets a flesh wound. 

Nora decides to be the hero so she doesn’t have to watch Miles die as he makes one last attempt to storm what’s left of the hundreds of militia soldiers. 

Charlie makes a break and reunites with Miles.  Nora is gone. 

FLASHBACK:  Miles has Rachel strapped to chair – threatens her but at the same time uses their “relationship”

Monroe learns Jeremy was telling the truth.  Oh well. 

Jason wakes up in hospital in Atlanta with Charlie – they kiss as Neville walks up.

Wonder what Neville would have said if he found Jason alone? 

Miles is demanding search team or spies to find Nora – President Foster paints a dire picture and talks surrender.

Nora gets thrown into a holding cell with Monroe. 

Previews:  Nora dressed to kill and dinner with Monroe– reminiscent of Rachel’s captivity.  Miles looks for mole – looks like Jason gets framed.  Who do you think it is? 

And… is this the set of “The Tower” they used as a backdrop on recent interviews?

Is this the set of “The Tower?”


Again, another reveal of “The Tower?”








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Adrianspeeder May 16, 2013 at 1:36 am

Was it just me, or did this episode the longest day seem like last weeks trailer stretched to fill an hour? Seems the only thing salvaged out of my time spent was the “explanation” of the capsule. I was hopin’ it would burn that witch to the ground though instead of a leg patch job.


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