008 Revolution FanCast – Ties That Bind

by Jake Robinson on November 14, 2012

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Mia totally dogs her older sister, Nora

Miles finally meets someone he is genuinely afraid of…

Did a Super Collider cause the grid-down status?  Hmmm, Rachel and Ben worked at Chicago University and in real life Chicago University has been helping design the world’s largest Hadron Collider at CERN, the particle physics laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland

Revolution - Super Hadron Collider
Is this where Grace & Randall were? Looks like a Hadron Super Collider like at CERN in Switzerland. Is it a coincidence that Ben & Rachel worked at Chicago University – the same as the real life scientists working with CERN?that Ben & Rachel worked at Chicago University – the same as the real life scientists working with CERN?

Revolution Rachel's Notes Super Colider

Look at the image of the CERN Super Hadron Collider & compare this to Rachel’s notes… do you see the similarity?  This image is from Episode 4 – Plague Dogs

View of Randall & Grace looking at Collider

This is Randall & Grace looking down the tunnel of the Collider. They are just beneath another huge component on this end

Revolution Randall & Grace Super Collider

The control room Randall & Grace were standing in – just below the “same” component they are gazing at in the other end of the Tunnel

Revolution - Rachel's Notes

These are the note Rachel was referencing while she was working on this super-gadget when Monroe brings her the pendent

Led Zeppelin (Songs) + Revolution = Corporate Synergy

Interesting Back Story:  How J.J. Abrams Pitched Revolution.  He asked the NBC Execs “what would you actually do if everything stopped” while gesturing out the 17th story window overlooking the bumper to bumper Hwy 101.

NBC’s Footnotes reveal some plum clues to the world of Revolution

Revolution - Footnotes from NBC's Website

There is a wealth of nuggets about the back-story of situations & characters 

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Jake Robinson April 1, 2013 at 6:46 am

Hey Futurama,
I missed you comment and apologize for taking so long to respond. I totally agree the scene with Randall and Grace standing in a defunct control room as the camera pans back and reveals what can only be described as a super-collider like CERN… I actually compared photos from the show to real-life photos of super colliders… there can be no mistake…

So, if they were using a collider to do their experiment, what could the possible reason be to cause the blackout? A mini-blackhole that does something unexpected? A new particle discovered and then “harnessed” to suspend or neutralize electron flow? (I know, both seem very non-feasable) I would hope it is something that a person/scientist would say “yeah, that could happen”

Thanks for listening to the podcast – come back and comment anytime… tell your friends… cheers!


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